My Colnago Master

Finally I have managed to find a Colnago Master in my size (60 ct). Got this very nice bike through Lovely colours and a Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Groupset , what else do you need ?

Done a few hundred kilometers on it last month and it rides like the wind. Like to hear what you think about this Master. Enjoy the pictures!



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Tour de France 2012: Prologue Liege Part Two

As promised yesterday, here is the second batch of the pictures I made during the Prologue of the Tour de France 2012.

First of all a brief summary of the day. I went to Liege with the car and picked a shortcut to Herstal. Herstal is a small town in front of Liege, famous for its arms industries: FN Herstal. From Herstal I parked the car on the official P3 parking on Ile Monsin. From Ile Monsin there was a shuttlebus service to La Batte in Liege. The traditional fleamarket of Liege is being held normaly at La Batte, next to the Meusse river. As you can see in the picture below a big piece of the prologue is next to the Meuse.

I went to the Palace of Justice in the center of Liege to view the Caravane Publicitaire and the warm-up of the riders. The Caravane Publicitaire was amazing, never seen something like it before. The warm-up of the riders was also nice to watch, you get to see the riders often sometimes up to 8 times. During the prologue i have made some pictures of the race. The other pictures where taken on other points during the race. At last i also made some pictures of the warm-up of Levi Leipheimer, Wout Poels, Gesink, the equipment and the teambusses. Enjoy the pictures.




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Tour de France 2012: Prologue Liege Part One

Some Pictures from my visit to the Tour de France of 2012. Went to the Prologue in Liege. Enjoy the pictures, will add some more tomorrow….

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Bike Jumble: Deutsche RennradBörse Rommerskirchen 17 June 2012

Back from a very sunny day in Germany, super weather. Went to the Deutsche Rennradbörse over there. Had a lovely time in Rommerskirchen. This town is located near some very big powerplants as you can see on the pictures. I will be back next year to continue the hunt for parts and new future projects. There where a lot of sellers and visitors. Nice to see that there is so much intrest in this kind of events, i hope that this will result in more of these bike jumbles in the future.

Good , back to the stuff that was offered for sale. There where a lot of Gazelle and Koga – Miyata bikes and frames for sale. Also some Bianchi’s , Colnago’s and some frames from Pinarello. In the old shool building was a small exibition of bikes. The stayer that was on display looking great. I am still hoping to find such a bike in my size. I have also learned something about the history of Diamant bikes. Apparantly there was a DDR company named Diamant that made bikes during the last decade. But there is also a Belgium builder of Diamant bikes. This is a important difference. There where a lot of track bikes for sale from the DDR Diamant brand.  I have made some pictures for you to give a small impression of this nice event.

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Bike Jumble: Deutsche Rennradbörse Rommerskirchen

Tomorrow, on 17 june 2012 is the German classic bike jumble in Rommerskirchen. Rommerskirchen-Nettesheim is near Colonge and Neuss. You need to take junction Dormagen in order to get there.  I am looking forward to go there tomorrow. Hoping to find a Colnago Master Team Buckler in my size.


7:00 Hour: Building the stands for sellers and the exibition.

9:00 Hour: Opening for Visitors.

18:00 Hour: End of the day.

Will make some pictures and will post them next week.

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All time classic: Cinelli Laser

Came across this image when looking in to my image collection on the harddisk of my personal computer.
All the credits go to the original uploaders. These are images of the classic Cinelli Laser. One of the most iconic racing bikes of all times. Its also one of my personal favorites next to Pinarelo, Gios and the Russian Takhion time trial bikes. Just look at the elegant design. Due to this design it has won the Compasso d’Oro  in 1991, this is a Italian award for industrial design.

Almost There: Giro d’Italia 2012

Its almost there!, the Giro 2012. In my opinion the greatest Grand Tour in the world. The 95th edition of the Giro d’Italia will start on Saturday May 5th to Sunday May 27th 2012, The start is in Herning (Denmark) and the last stage will arrive in Milan.

Stalen Ros 2012

Went to Stalen Ros 2012 on Sunday and made some pictures of this very nice event. There where some realy nice bikes on display. At Neerkant there where also lots of stalls with classic frames, components and clothing for sale. I bought some white bar tape for the Pinarello , who is almost full Dura Ace on this moment. A update on this project will follow soon. Enjoy the pictures !


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